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What is the main problem Boco Coin aims to solve?

Boco Coin aims to equalize everybody’s ability to obtain full-range financial services in any location in the world with state-of-the-art e-services.

A new generation of banking. Better, faster and safer than banking. Without banking.


What markets are primary for Boco Coin development?

Boco Coin will first bring its benefits to South-East Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa as these are the regions that have the most unbanked.


What are the main technologies utilized by Boco Coin and why?

Boco Coin is built using Tendermint Engine, which is used by the biggest projects on the market, such as COSMOS Network.

This technology stack was chosen by the Boco Coin team to ensure the highest security, efficiency and scalability of the Boco Coin blockchain architecture.


Is it possible to mine Boco Coin?

Boco Coin utilizes the revolutionary Delegated Proof of Stake consensus which allows it to be efficient and have very fast transactions. This means that there’s no miners in the traditional sense, but there are Validators and Delegators.

Validators confirm transactions by the use of Validator nodes (servers) and earn rewards accordingly. Delegators are any holders that have Boco Coin and can delegate coins to Validators to earn a portion of rewards.